Thursday, December 7, 2006

Our Valued Clients

Find Out What Our Clients Have To Say About
Blue Gardens Wedding & Events Venue

 Analyn & Angel Bolante

"It was a very unforgettable and wonderful experience! Thank you so much for the great help espcecially to all the staff. We are so glad that we founde your place- the venue is very romantic, the service and the staff are excellent! We will highly recommend your venue to our friends. We are extremely satisfied with your service and set up. Thanks! 


Roy & Oli Diaz


Robin & Rachelle Babaan

"We have chosen Blue Gardens because of the worry-free package that they offer, which is fairly affordable and yet a great deal, since we were overseas when we are still planning for the wedding. From what we have seen in the website, the venue looks nice and elegant, and this was proven when we actually went to the place and seen some actual events. We have always been dreaming of a perfect wedding and Blue Gardens made our dream come true when they exceeded our expectations especially on our 'Big Day'. Thanks to all the friendly and accommodating staff of Blue Gardens who became our contact persons and eventually our good friends. Thank you for all your advices and for all your help. We really do appreciate them. To all the other staff who assist us, to all the suppliers, thank you so much for all your team efforts, which brought success to the most Memorable Day of our life together. No wonder, you always end up with satisfied clients. May God bless each and everyone of you and we hope you continue touching other people's lives."

 Dan & Angel Creayla

"We've checked out garden venues all over Metro Manila as well as the out of towns but only Blue Gardens fitted well to our strict requirements for our big day. Its English inspired garden has a very astounding setting giving our ceremony a more romantic feel. And we needed not to go far for our reception as we have found its classy Chateau just right for that intimate celebration that we wanted to share with our guests. The venue itself offers exclusivity and has a huge parking space plus its people are very much accommodating that they would go even beyond their duties just to make sure their clients would have an event of their lives. So, we didn't just have an intrinsic venue but a worry free event as well with Blue Gardens.
Blue Gardens has truly made our wedding day an enchanting and most cherished one not only to us but to all who have witnessed it. We really can't make it so great if we didn't have Blue Gardens. You have made our dream day into reality!"


Cheryll De Guia & Oliver Lim

We would like to thank the staff of Blue Gardens, especially Avic for helping us plan our wedding starting from the first day we decided to choose Blue Gardens as our venue.

It was a delight to have a team of people equipped with good customer service and patience to go the extra mile to make our special day even better. We want to share this great experience with you through a series of pictures.

In behalf of my husband, Oliver Lim, I would like to send our deepest gratitude and regards to the Blue Gardens Team that made Jan.16, 2010 the most memorable day for us and our family so far.


Gem & Riza Gonzales


Raffy and Crissie Torre


Maureen &Bjorn Carreon


Flatz & Bebang


Aimee & John Mark Diego


Mel & Francis Mesina


Allan &Annabelle Sison


Paulo & Kathleen
"We are very happy that we chose Blue Gardens as the venue of the most memorable and important event in our life together. The staff accommodated and assisted us even in the most little factor that should be considered in our wedding. We will recommend your services to our relatives and friends.
We have one suggestion though we would recommend further enhancing your website and posting all of your events. Nowadays, soon to be wedding couples would really browse the internet for their wedding suppliers and if you would really enhance your website, it is very possible that you would receive a number of inquiries from customers. We thank you again for everything! GOD BLESS!"

Marvin & Jhona Santos


"07-07-07 was a once-in-a-lifetime date,
our wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Blue gardens made it all happen!
It was our very first choice & glad we sticked to it 'til the end.
We knew that the Lord led us to this place.
We are really are blessed to have chosen blue gardens as our venue.
We won't think twice of considering the place again for our other events!
Special thanks to Armie for all the help and the suggestions, it really made our lives easier.
Thanks as well to Ms Camilla for being very nice & accommodating.
May God continually bless you all! Once again, thank you very much!"

Red & Greys


Reginald & Elizabeth Morado

To all the Blue Gardens’ management & staff and suppliers THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You made our wedding vow so memorable and made our preparations easy and within time frame. We are so grateful to have known your services & accommodation. Good luck and may you have more clients to come and make their special day as memorable as what you had done to us.


Reginald Morado & Elizabeth Morado


Greg Vargas & Trini Viray

"Thank you very much for making this special moment in our lives as lovers a success! You have made our preparation convenient and beautiful as a result. The place was great! Your staff are very efficient! And thank you for the great assistance from the very beginning till the great finish of the wedding! God's blessings be on Blue Gardens every business day!"


Jennifer Agdipa & Robin Palabasan
"Blue Gardens for us is the right place to celebrate a special occasion. People are very friendly and accommodating. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You made our wedding a memorable one. GOD BLESS!"


Vien & Dimitris
“We were delighted with our choice of venue and very pleased with the service we received from BLUE GARDENS – without whom such a glamorous (but inexpensive) wedding would not have been possible. We were very impressed with the elegant set up and lights used for the venue. Thank you so much for making our wedding day romantic, for making our day so very special and stress free! It’s a nice feeling to be dealing with such professionals.”

Mia Del Rosario

"Thank you sooo much for everything! I'm really glad I had my debut at Blue Gardens."

Viqui Del Rosario

(Mia's Mom)

"I would like to share with you this lovely picture of Mia on the stage of your Blue Gardens chateau. Without question, the venue helped set the tone and mood of the party.
Thanks for helping us have a wonderful party. Of course, many many thanks to your staff who was most helpful all throughout the preparations and the event itself."

Richard Romano & Aileen Felix

"Thank you for making everything easy for us. Changing venues turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Being at ease with your clients and making them feel at home seem to be your second nature. Thanks again!"


Rodrigo Octaviano Jr. & Charito Dacillo


Graham & Cora Pinner

"I am so blessed God led me to choose Blue Gardens as our venue. The staff and owners are very helpful and accommodating. I don't find any troubles dealing with them on the day of the wedding. I am so happy that it turned out beautifully. The garden and chateau were nicely decorated."

Alberto Gabriel & Edith Cheng

"Thank you! sa Blue Gardens. Sobrang bait ng mga tao dito. Approachable lahat ng tao.
Recommend ko kayo sa mga friend ko."


Osvin Baguio & Sinta Rosales

"Thank you for giving us a wonderful wedding! Even guests were amazed at how lovely the place is :) We're grateful also for everything you've done for us-- you truly go the extra mile. You are God's blessing to us."


Kris Basco

"The place/garden was so beautifully and dramtically setup! The guests were so happy and ecstatic, they love the place. Thank you for the assistance you gave us. This is one memorable moment in our lives."


Sherryl Manzano,
grand daughter of Celebrant

50th Birthday of Grandmother

"Finding the right place to celebrate a very special day is not easy to do. But with Blue Gardens Worry-Free Package, it made our occasion super special and very memorable. As in, "WORRY FREE" talaga 'coz Blue Gardens took care of every single aspect of the party. From the simplest to the most delicate details.

Thank you very much! Keep it up."


Drs. Jun & Mels Reyes

"SIMPLE yet ELEGANT! ...finding BLUE GARDENS with its WORRY-FREE PACKAGE is a blessing in disguise. For having to prepare for a wedding in just a month's time is impossible with all the church in the metro fully-booked, sobrang stressed! But when a friend suggested BLUE GARDENS and they suggested GARDEN WEDDING, yun ha, it made it a very memorable one... thanks to BLUE GARDENS!"


Alona Sabado & Cris Tacis

"Thank you for giving the Blue Gardens Worry-Free Package. Super OK! As in konti na lang ang inintindi namin."


Francis & Irish Joy Vidal

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We had a great wedding. Thank you for the service you rendered to us, all our guests were happy with the way you handled the most important event of our life.


Phil & Minerva Cabrillas

"At first I was worried about the venue for I have never seen it yet but when the time came to personally see it, my impression was they have a beautiful garden.

Thanks for the best accommodation extended coz our wedding turned out to be the event I've always wanted, imagined and dreamt. Thanks Blue Gardens and more power!!!"


Danilo Blas & Ria Miralles
"Sobrang ok dito. Thanks sa Blue Gardens.
Ang ganda ng place!"